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Our Philosphy
Since the dawn of civilization, man has struggled to find fast and effective ways to promote his wares in a crowded market. In the early days, monks were at the forefront of advertising, but their illustrations could take years to complete. Next came the printing press. Sure, it was a breakthrough in production, but it wasn’t much help on the design end. And then came the computer—a technological breakthrough with the power to revolutionize the industry.

Unfortunately, now everyone is a “graphic designer.” While marketing has been boiled down to a science, creating the graphic elements and messaging that get the buyer's attention is still an art form. That’s why you need someone with an artistic eye rather than just a computer.

Since 1997, DeMoss DeSigns has provided agencies and client companies with quality design services. Blending our creative spark with your marketing strategy, we produce attractive and effective advertising tools with the perfect balance of corporate decorum and consumer appeal.

And yes, we do have a computer.

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